by Torin B.
(Gooding, Idaho)

We got our Bullador "Z" 6 months ago. Best dog we have ever owned.

Although, you have to expect this hybrid to be a large dog. "Z" has surpassed expectations, he is nearing the 7 month old mark and our Vet. Weighed him in at a whopping 50.6 lbs. and he is almost as tall as our AKC registered Black Lab.

Z has a great disposition around other people and we are currently training him to walk behind us and not lead us down a road.

The dog's strength is unbelievable and he can show signs of being stubborn at times, but we are working on that too.

His mom is a purebred English Bulldog and father is a Black Lab.

Z is solid black with a small bit of white on his chest and chin. He has the Bulldog traits as far as the stubby face and wrinkled skin are concerned. The main part of his body is stalky and muscular with the broad shoulder's and nice sized feet like the Lab.

He loves to play tug of war, fetching and playing in the water.

I was amazed how easy he was to house break and how teachable he has been. Our Lab is not fond of going for rides in our vehicles but, Z can't wait to go. I would definitely have another Bullador!

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I love my Bullador!

by Matt
(Redondo Beach, CA)

3 Months old

3 Months old

3 Months old
5 Months
1 Year

I have a male Bullador.

His mother was probably the biggest brindled English Bulldog that I have ever seen. His father is a medium sized black lab.

He is now a year old and weighs approx. 80lbs. He has a short haired brindled coat with white on his chest and a smattering of black spots on his skin (his hair is less dense on his chest)and his belly has no hair and the skin is very soft.

His coat is a very light brindle, almost a ginger color with stripes of black, I have heard people say he looks like a tiger.

He does have extra skin on his body and wrinkles on his forehead and the top of his head. Although he has the extra skin on his body you can still tell that he is very well muscled, especially through the chest and shoulders as well as his hind legs and head.

With all of the physical characteristics out of the way, his temperament is awesome.

He was very easy to house-break (within a week or two of taking him home). He is fairly intelligent and has not got a mean bone in his body. He is also very playful.

His favorite thing to do is to play tug-of-war (in which he is very very strong) though he enjoys retrieving as well.

He is also very loving, he would sit in your lap all day if he could.

He can, at times, be very stubborn (bulldog trait)but is very obedient and easy going most of the time .

He does well with children though we have to somewhat hold him back because he is still pretty young and excitable and sometimes does not know his own size. He also gets along very well with other dogs. He loves to go to the dog park and play.

He sleeps all through the night and the majority of the day until we come home from work where he greats me with his bone and a wagging tail.

All in all, I could never have known how great a dog he would turn out to be.

Just give your Bullador a good amount of attention and a lot of love and you will see it returned in kind!

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