Presley the pound puppy

Presley at 10 weeks

Presley at 10 weeks

Presley at 10 weeks
Presley our Mastador and Olive our weimaraner/Lab
Presley at 18 weeks

We rescued a mastador puppy from the pound about 3 months ago.

She was only 8 weeks old and very sick. After a few visits to the Dr. and lots of medicine she is growing like a weed!

On average she is gaining about 3-5 lbs a week!! She is already almost at tall as our weimeraner/lab hybrid.

Presley (our Mastador Puppy) is our love and she has had very few puppy troubles so far.

She is already house broken and not a very destructive chewer. As long as she has toys she is fine.

She is very good with other animals and she is very obedient. She already displays great protectiveness of me and our property.

I would recommend this breed to anyone as well as a weimador!!

Brooke G

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Big Hero Hank

by Rebecca Cushing
(Conroe,TX USA)

Hank My Mastador Puppy

Hank My Mastador Puppy

I believe that I may have a Mastador, although I am not 100% sure.

My big boy's head resembles the Mastiff side and his height is right between the Mastiff and the Labrador. He's larger then the Lab but shorter then the Mastiff. Do keep in mind that he is only a year old.

My Fiance found Hank for me after my baby Bull Mastiff contracted Parvo virus and had to be put down. I cried hard when Leroy (my Bull Mastiff puppy) died but Hank licked my tears away.

It is truly amazing what the love of a puppy can do to heal all sorrows.

We rescued Hank from the same shelter that we had gotten Leroy from.

My Hank is the easiest dog to take for a walk and doesn't pull on me one little bit. If he did, it would be a problem due to his size.

I Love my Hank just as much as I Love my 2 horses and my Fiance's Hound mix.

Thank You God for allowing me to Love and Care for my animals. Respectfully, Rebecca Cushing of Texas

Ian's response,

Rebecca, your puppy sure looks like a Mastador. He is beautiful, and he looks so friendly as well as intelligent.

I think from the way you write that he is lucky to have a mommy like you to love him the way he deserves to be loved.

Please keep in touch with us and let us know how Hank is getting on from time to time.

We would love more photos of him as he grows older please.

It would be nice to hear more about what he gets up to, he sure looks as though he has loads of character, I'm sure he does a lot of interesting things.

Regards from all at Labrador Retriever Info

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