The Miniature Labrador Retriever Does Not Exist As A breed On Its Own

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The miniature Labrador Retriever as a breed, or as a standard on its own is a myth.

I had never heard of one before I started this website, so I did the logical thing and contacted firstly the American Kennel Club with the following question:-

"Could you please tell me whether a miniature Labrador is a recognized breed? I have seen a few websites claiming that there is, and that it is recognized by the AKC, and is even in a class of its own at dog shows."

Their reply was:-

"No, the AKC only registers normal size of this breed. The official standard for each breed and any revision of the standard originates with the parent club, not the American Kennel Club.

The membership of the parent club must vote on and approve the standard or revision before it is submitted to the AKC Board of Directors for approval."

I then contacted the parent club. Their reply was:-

"There is no such breed as a "miniature Labrador Retriever". The breed does have a height minimum/maximum requirement in the breed Standard. Some "enterprising" breeders whose breeding efforts result in undersized dogs are attempting just one more way to take advantage of a gullible public. The miniature is only a dog which has failed to grow to within minimum height requirement."

I contacted the UK Kennel club with exactly the same result. So I guess there is no official mini Lab, and if there are shows where it is being shown within a specific standard, maximum height etc. these shows are definitely not being held under the auspices of AKC.

labrador retriever puppy

This does not however mean that these animals do not exist.

There is a Kennel in Canada, Station One Reg'd Kennels & Cattery who claim to have a few that have been born to normal size dogs.

They have very little photographic evidence on their site to substantiate this. I have been in contact with them and they have promised to send me some shots of these dogs. When I get these photos I will post them on here.

I'm sure that a lot of breeders have runts in their litters that could qualify as miniature. These dogs would not be eligible to be shown at dog shows as suggested by the Labrador club inc.

This is a normal occurrence in most large breeds. This does not mean that there is anything wrong with these dogs other than the size, and would normally be sold off as pets by the breeder.

Unless you are intending to show your pet, there is no reason on earth not to buy such a dog, if you are dealing with an honest breeder, you might even get it at a slightly lower cost.

labrador retriever puppies

Miniaturization should not be confused with dwarfism. These are two completely different subjects.

Dwarfism is a genetic skeletal deformity. This unfortunate dog does not look like a scaled down version of a full size dog and you can see the deformities.

There are probably a large number of people living in more confined spaces that would love to have a Miniature Lab as a pet. This as with most other things that have a commercial value, there will be someone who will want to exploit this.

You quite possibly already have breeders out there trying to breed specifically for this. I do not know of any, but it is possible.

From the people in this industry that I have spoken to, the only true miniature Labrador Retriever, is one that is still suckling on its mother.

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