How Much Does Labrador Retriever Shedding Bother You?

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever shedding is the one undeniable problem that all Lab owners have to deal with.

Labradors shed their hair as do all dogs to some degree or other, Labs unfortunately happen to be one of the breeds that shed more than most.

Shedding is a very natural state of affairs. A dog sheds its hair to get rid of old or damaged hair, and to make way for new growth.

You will normally find that your Labs coat is thicker during the winter. This is quite obviously to keep warm during the colder periods.

Come spring and you will find your Lab shedding more than it normally would for a month or so.

Don't despair, there are ways of making life a little easier by controlling the shedding to a degree.

Labrador Retriever

The first thing that you need to do is groom (brush) your pet regularly, that means at least once a day. I would not spend less than 1/2 an hour at this task to make it effective. Use the correct grooming brush which is designed for this task.

Next, what you feed your pet is important, high quality food and not too much junk food in between meals makes a difference. I realise that when we are dealing with a Lab this is easier said than done, but do try, it's worth it.

Use a fatty acid supplement like "Velcote" helps tremendously when added to your pet's food.

During the summer bath your pet regularly, I would say at least once a month. This will help keep parasites down to a minimum. It will also help wash out old dead hair.

Use appropriate dog shampoo. If you use the wrong shampoo you could dry your dog's skin out and this will cause problems.

Visit my Lab Drug Store for the correct supplements and shampoo.

Labrador Retriever

Keep an eye out for any flea infestation, a large number of Labs develop allergies to flea bites and this causes their hair to fall out in handfuls.

Your dog's age should make no difference to the amount that it sheds, i.e. this does not increase with age.

Your dog should never develop a bald spot. If you notice your pet's hair falling out in abnormal quantities, it is time to consult a vet, there is something wrong and you need expert advice for this.

Labrador Retriever shedding too much hair could be a sign that there is a serious medical condition. It could be something relatively minor, but you will not know if you don't consult a vet.

It is always best to take it to the vet if something is not normal.

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