What Labrador Retriever Mixes bring to the party

I have headed this section Labrador Retriever mixes, what I really mean is cross breeds also called designer breeds.

The first implies that you are unaware of the parentage of the dog being crossed with the Lab, whereas with a cross breed you know that both parents are pure bred, just from different breeds.

I am personally not fond of the term designer breeds, as this to me implies that you know exactly what the outcome will be, when in fact you do not.

When you cross two breeds that have completely different looks and natures, the offspring is as likely to take after the sire as the dame.

It takes many generations indeed before you can say with any certainty what the outcome will be.

Labrador Retriever cross bulldog

There are many reasons why you might want to cross two breeds, looks, different characteristics that you might need for specific purposes.

Tracking for example might be one, or perhaps herding, or any number of other reasons while still wanting to retain the loveable nature of the Lab.

There are, believe it or not, 519 registered dog breeds (registered with the American Kennel Club).

Which means that in theory there are a possible 518 different Labrador Retriever mixes available. That is a heck of a lot.

Photo of a very cute Bullador puppy

The scope of this site is unfortunately not big enough to cover all these possibilities.

So I will try to deal with the more common crosses, at least those common enough to have been given names and might conceivably in the far distant future become breeds in their own right.

Below are those that I have actually seen and even this is too large a list to handle in any depth. Instead I have chosen twelve of the most common Labrador Retriever mixes for pages of their own.

In the list below there are links to the pages in question.

Lab + Afghan Hound = Afador,

+ Golden Retriever = Golden Lab,

+ Australian Shepherd = Sheprador,

+ Airedale Terrier = Lab'Aire,

+ American Pit Bull Terrier = Labrabull,

+ Basset Hound = Bassador,

+ Beagle = Beagador,

+ Bloodhound = Labloodhound,

+ Border Collie = Borador,

+ Boxer = Boxador,

+ Brittany Spaniel = Labany,

+ Bulldog = Bullador,

+ Bullmastiff = Bullmasador,

+ Chesapeake Bay Retriever = Chesador,

+ Collie = Lollie,

+ Dalmatian = Delmador,

+ French Bulldog = Frenchie Labrador,

+ American Bulldog = American Bullador,

+ Mastiff = Mastador,

+ Pointer = Lab-Pointer,

+ Poodle = labradoodle,

+ Rottweiler = Labrottie,

+ Vizsla = Labralas,

+ Weimaraner = Labmaraner.

A site that I found while researching for this page of my site that I believe anyone interested in dogs would find interesting, is Agility bits
A fun site for people who are interested in dog agility and who love their dogs. There's lots of information, cartoons, video clips, a forum and an agility breeds directory.

To sum up, there are, and always will be reasons for different people to want to cross one breed with another. And our breed's many, many good traits make it one of the most popular breeds to experiment with.

It can come as no surprise to anybody, that very good potential breeds are emanating from Labrador Retriever mixes.

For more information please go to the following pages:-

Information on Afadors

Information on Boxadors

Information on Labloodhounds

Information on labradoodles

Information on Lollies

Information on Golden Labs

Information on Mastadors

Information on Boradors

Information on Labaires

Information on Bulladors

Information on Bassadors

Information on Bullmasadors

Do You Have A Lab Cross That Is Not On My List?

If you have a Lab cross breed that I have not dedicated a page to, and would like to tell us about it, I would love to hear from you.

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