Labrador Retriever Life Expectancy

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever life expectancy under normal circumstances is anything from 10 years to 13 years.

Large dogs have shorter lifespans than their smaller cousins. This is probably due to the larger effort that it takes for a large dog to carry out any exercise than it would for a small dog.

The factors that might influence just how long a dog will live are self-evident. For instance a healthy dog will quite obviously stand a better chance of out living an unhealthy dog.

These dogs are generally a healthy robust breed of dog, which means that most of them will live to at least 10 years+.

How much exercise your dog gets will also be a deciding factor. when these animals are not exercised, they tend to put on a lot of weight leading to heart problems.

The stress under which they live will also be a factor. Just like with humans, stress is a major factor when it comes to health.

This breed can and does sometimes live to a lot older than their average age. I owned a beautiful yellow female named Jessie who lived to be seventeen. She was so laid back that nothing ever got her down.

The other dogs that I have had have all died at the age of eleven, and they have all lived under the same circumstances as Jessie.

As with humans, the genes that are inherited by the individual dog are going to determine to a large extent how old your dog will get.

Labrador Retriever

Before you rush out looking for a dog that will get to a very old age, keep in mind that although your dog might still be alive at 16 or 17 years, their life will almost definitely be very uncomfortable.

My old Jessie could not get up or down the single kitchen stair in her last year without help, she had almost no control of her bowels any more and you could see the embarrassment in her whole body when she made a slip. In the end her life was not pleasant any more.

I know the pain of having to say goodbye to a loved pet, but I also know the pain of watching a loved friend who has gone way past the accepted Labrador Retriever life expectancy suffering pain and indignity, and being too much of a coward to end her suffering.

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