The Bullador Is A Very Interesting Cross Between A Labrador Retriever And A Bulldog


The Bullador, as with all other cross breeds, you need to look to the parents to find out what type of dog you are likely to end up with.

Lets start with the Bulldog.

I have always liked this breed. They are so ugly that they are cute.

This dog's temperament is an easy going one. I personally think that they are just not willing to expend the energy to be difficult.

They do not need to be exercised as much as most other dogs and do fairly well in areas where there is not that much of a yard. That is not to say that they don't need exercise, they do, just not as much.

They are normally happy friendly dogs. Their famous "sourpuss" expression belies an easy going nature with little or no malice in their makeup.

Their train-ability is a bit of a problem. They are fairly stubborn dogs.


They rank 78th out of 80 in Stanley Coren's "The Intelligence of Dogs", being of lowest degree working/obedience intelligence.

This breed also unfortunately has quite a few health issues that are very common to them.

The folds on their faces need to be cleaned on a daily basis to prevent skin infections occurring.

The life expectancy of this breed is 8 - 12 years. This has unfortunately not been the case for an extraordinary number of these dogs in the UK of late.

Heart disease has accounted for a very large number of deaths.

A bit more exercise might be helpful in combating heart disease.

These dogs make good pets for homes with small children, they are very tolerant dogs.

Next we get to the Lab. As A pet and as a companion, this breed is just great. The problems that we need to take into account when considering them as one half of this cross breed, is health.

Labs are generally speaking healthy dogs, although they do have a number of hereditary problems in common with the bulldog that you would need to look out for.

Labrador Retriever

Hip dysplasia is one of them. Both breeds are known for this problem.

Knowing what we do about these two breeds, let's see what we should get.

Its almost a given that you would get a good natured dog likely to get on well with your children.

As far as being able to train the dog, it could go either way. Bulldogs are not totally untrainable, just not the easiest.

When it comes to looks, these two breeds are miles apart. you might get a short dumpy dog with a smooth longer face. Or you might just as well get a taller dog with a squashed up face.

What I have been told by owners of this cross is that they are very playful and have a lot more energy than the bulldog would have.

I would love to hear from anyone who owns a Bullador. Please tell us your story!

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