The Borador is a cross between a Border Collie and a Labrador Retriever


Once again when looking at the Borador, we need to look at what each parent brings to the mix.

We know that the Lab is intelligent (7th on the list of breeds), We also know that it has a gentle nature, makes an excellent house pet and also makes a very good working dog used in numerous capacities around the world.

Now let's look at the Border collie. Firstly, it is number 1 on the list of intelligent dog breeds.

In January 2011, a member of this breed was reported to have learned over a thousand words, and the acts associated with those words.

These dogs are very energetic and athletic and along with their intelligence, this makes them ideal for carrying out complex tasks which require reasoning, such as herding sheep.

One or two dogs can control a large number of sheep without a problem, watching them perform at sheep herding trails is an amazing experience.

These dogs are medium-sized dogs with a medium length coat. They do not shed a lot of hair.

Border Collie

The coat colors vary from black and white to almost any number of different combinations.

They could also have only one color.

This breed is primarily a working breed although they are starting to become more popular as pets. They need to be kept busy pretty much all the time.

If they are left home alone for any period of time, they will destroy the garden and anything else that they can get their teeth on out of sheer boredom.

Under these circumstances these dogs are known to become quite neurotic.

They do not make good pets in homes with small children or small yards. Not that they will harm the child on purpose, they are just such energetic dogs that they might do so by mistake.

A lot of these dogs end up in shelters for this very reason.

Labrador Retriever

So where does that leave us as far as a Borador is concerned?

On the plus side you will definitely have a very intelligent dog, and quite probably one that does not shed too much hair.

You should also get a dog that is not aggressive. After that the type of dog that you could get could vary quite sharply. You might if you were lucky get a highly intelligent dog that is calm enough to be a good house pet.

Then again you might not. You might end up with a neurotic animal that destroys everything in sight.

If you have one of these animals, please remember that they are not naughty, just bored. Their minds probably more than their bodies need a lot of exercise.

My advice would be only consider getting one of these puppies if,

1) You have a large property for the dog to run around in. And,

2) If you are going to be willing to give the Borador a lot of attention, keeping its mind busy as well as its body.

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