The World Of The Labrador Retriever

Welcome to the world of the Labrador Retriever, I am sure everyone reading this knows at least one but probably a lot more households blessed by the addition of a member of this breed (love in a fur coat).

Labrador Retrievers

These lovely dogs are phenomenal animals, they brighten up your day when you are down. They always seem to have a smile for you.

On this site you can learn about the breed's' history as well as all the interesting things that they can do.

These dogs are not only "nice”, but also very intelligent, they are rated 7th for intelligence out of more than 500 dog breeds. The things that have been accomplished by them are amazing.

See the section on working dogs to read about Endal, the Labrador that was so intelligent that he could use a "chip and pin" ATM card.

Labrador Retrievers

On the colors section of this site, join us in discussing the controversial silver Lab.

I have included information on the health issues that you are likely to have to deal with as a Lab owner.

In the training section you will find a few tips on the basics that you might use when you need to train a new puppy. With this breed it is a far easier task than you might imagine.

These dogs, because of their pleasant natures, are also very popular for use as cross breeds or as some people like to call them, designer breeds. Although I don't necessarily agree with the terminology I have added a section to the site to cover this in fair detail.

Labrador Retrievers

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I have attempted to cover as many bases as possible on this site. This is an ongoing process. I am adding to it on a daily basis. If there is something that you would like to know about the Labrador Retriever, and can't find it on this site please don't hesitate to contact me.

In the interim please enjoy.

General Labrador Retriever Information
Labrador Retriever Information on history, temperament, breed standards and much more.
about us
This page tells the story about us and our involvement with Labrador Retrievers
Contact us
This page gives the reader the ability to contact us should they so wish
Labrador Retriever Blog
The Labrador Retriever Blog keeps you up to date with all the new information added to the website.
The Different Labrador Retriever Colors Available
An explanation of labrador retriever colors, which ones are recognized by the kennel clubs of the world, and which are not .
Labrador Retriever Mixes
All about Labrador Retriever mixes and cross breeds, and what they add to the world of dogs.
Labrador Health Problems That You Need To Be Aware Of
Common Labrador health problems that may occure, that Lab owners need to look out for.
Home Made Dog Food Recipe
Why a home made dog food recipe is important to your dogs health
Labrador Retriever Books
The bookshop for Labrador Retriever books on dogs, fact and fiction
Lab Drug Store Online
Lab drug store, the place to buy your Lab's nutritional pet supplies
The Labrador Retriever Shop
The Labrador Retriever Shop is the place to shop for all your pets needs
Oil Pet Portrait
Oil pet portrait is the ideal way to remember a loved pet.
Labrador Breed Standards, American And English
The Labrador breed standards as defined by the AKC as well as The Kennel Club of Britian.
Labrador Retriever Training
What you need to know about Labrador Retriever training
Labradors As Working Class Dogs
There are many many different roles for Labradors as working class dogs, and they do them all well.

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